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Transform a crisis into an investment opportunity

Posted by Carlos A on 7 May, 2020
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We know that we are currently facing a worldwide pandemic, these times have been very complicated for everyone, but this does not have to become a bad sign that makes you push your dreams to later dates like we always do, it’s finally time to take action.
Investing in real estate will always be one of the safest options with the greatest guarantee of capital gain. Investing in property has always been one of the preferred instruments of rookie and expert investors, attracted by security. Although the return of investment is short to medium-term, putting money on a property in a high demand area is protecting it against any negative fluctuation in the future.
Currently development companies continue to expand all across the Mayan Riviera with new and exciting projects, relaying on the security that the Mexican Caribbean will always be the top destination for snowbirds.
What will be the goodies of taking advantage of this situation?

1. Variety of options. 

At the moment there are plenty of opportunities available, whether is land options, townhouses or condominiums; novel coronavirus crisis has brought attractive promotions, from very substancial discounts, to even freezing the exchange rates for USD prices or longer financing options completely Interest free, but remember all this is temporary that is why it is indeed an opportunity.

2. You get the most for your money.

The dollar is worth even more in Mexico. The global situation is affecting both the price of oil, falling up to 22% and the exchange rate of the peso comparing it to the dollar represents a depreciation of up to 13%. This affects the cost of many things, including almost 30% of the material used in construction, since it is quoted in USD. Many companies are absorbing these extra costs and at the same time making an effort to freeze the prices in dollars so that the sale value of these properties is not inflated excessively.

3. An amazing lifestyle. 

It is no surprise that Mexico has a lot to offer. The Mayan Riviera has the most beautiful beaches in the world, unique jungle, water activities, exquisite nature, a grand variety of restaurants and bars, all types of festival and events that welcomes millions of visitors from all over the world.
Everything will go back to normal. Let’s think about how this situation will end sooner or later and everything will go back to normal and we can go ahead.
I suggest you to compare the prices of three or four months ago to the present ones, without a doubt in 4 or 5 months the prices will be even higher when the economy begins to recover, in the same way, they will leave by regularizing property prices, the attractive promotions and strong discounts will end.
I invite you to ask for more information here  from our experts of how to make an effective investment in paradise.

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